Pensacola Development Center

Pensacola Developmental Center

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Gazebo at Pensacola Care

Nestled in a wooded area just west of city center at 1 Villa Drive, Pensacola Developmental Center (PDC), is a residential center for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities offering congregate living arrangements for adults of all ages. Our homes are designed to be comfortable and safe while providing 24-hour services and support, with individualized treatment plans, recreational activities and community integration.  

At PDC, we are committed to providing services that assist individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in achieving a rewarding and productive lifestyle. 

PDC’s grounds offer an awesome backdrop to our homes and include gazebos, a walking trail and a pond complete with turtles and koi that will beg for tasty treats. It’s the perfect setting for outdoor recreational activities, parties, cook outs and games.  

One of the residents’ favorite activities offered at PDC is the opportunity to participate in community outings and vacation travel. Whether the excursion is a trip to pick up a burger, a visit to a local museum or travel to New Orleans, there is always someone going somewhere at PDC. Even birthdays warrant a trip…to a preferred restaurant!  

We invite you to come out to visit Pensacola Developmental Center. To find out how, contact our Social Services Director at 850-453-2323